Virtual Webcam
Replace the background in your webcam image

The Virtual Webcam Background project allows you to use a virtual background in for your webcam image in any Linux program that uses a webcam like for example Zoom.
There are also a lot of other filters to make your video conferences more interesting.
(Stock Photo by Marcus Aurelius)

The Software

You can find the software project on GitHub: allo-/virtual_webcam_background.

Read more about how to use the software:


The program is inspired by the virtual background function of Zoom, that works only on Windows with a neural network and requires a green screen on Linux.

Benjamin Elder showed in a blog post how to combine the body-pix nodejs module with a python program for grabbing webcam images and sending the processed images to a virtual webcam. A direct implementation of the blog post can be found here.

As the programs in the post use a rather inefficient approach by sending the images via HTTP, I decided to try to implement it in one single python program, by using the body-pix model with the tensorflow python module and a python reimplementation of the neccessary functions to process the data for body-pix.
In addition I implemented a filter API, that allow for useful and funny filters, see the gallery below for a few examples.


Use your favorite search engine and search for "zoom backgrounds" ;-).

Example Images

Virtual Background
Blurred Background
Animated Backgrounds
Fog Overlay
Rain on a window
Snow Overlay
Black & White Popout Effect
Butterflies Overlay
T-800 Overlay
Anonymize faces
Anonymize faces

Image Packs

Some image packs that are not included with the program.

Overlay animation: Snow Effect made by "Kosmos Motion Graphics" (ZIP) (Source: Youtube)
Overlay image: Rain (ZIP) (Source: ABSFreePic)
Background video: Tree in the wind (ZIP)

Did you made a nice image pack? E-Mail me and I'll add it here.
Please include the license and attribution information.

Action Shots

Do you have a cool screenshot that you want to share? E-Mail me.